Olivia is a hairdresser from Toronto
Olivia, Toronto Ontario Canada

I’m a mobile hairdresser, who travels from business to business and retirement home to retirement home. My favorite part of Selling Lane is the invoicing feature, which allows customers to pay me with Apple Pay, Venmo, or the cash app. Of course, I also take cash, but don’t tell the taxman.

Lucas is a carpenter
Lucas, Santiago, Chile

Soy personal de mantenimiento para un grupo de casas de vacaciones y Selling Lane me mantiene organizado y me ayuda a saber dónde estar y a qué hora cuando los clientes no están de vacaciones. Realmente ayuda tener un buen software que funcione bien en tu teléfono.

Stan, the handyman
Stan, Waukegan, Illinois

I can’t believe all the stuff you get for $6… So I came to Selling Lane for the invoicing system, because I needed digital billing badly. But then realized this thing also had CRM and task management. I still can’t figure out how they can give all of this away for six dollars a month…

Woman Looking up Customers on Selling Lane CRM
Pauline, Tampa Florida

The software rocks… I asked one of my employees the other day what they thought of Selling Lane, since they came from another company and was used to using a different CRM. The response I got shocked me. “This CRM rocks.” She said. Why I asked, and she said it’s so simple. I didn’t really…

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